Tuesday, June 1, 2010

creativity Bootcamp

boot camp
This really sounds great and I'm going to participate
I can't wait actually ^^

And than some Blogs that really get my imagination running wild
When you read to much at once, an inspiration overload may happen (at least that's what happened to me last night o.Ô)

My newly found mentor/muse/blog I can't live without anymore


and this woman is also fantastic: alisaburke

my recent activities were shredding shirts, reading the mortal instruments for the second time and watching death note

My next projects will certainly include some epaulettes and I'm going to show you my new findings, cause I was again thrift shopping...even if I haven't refashioned all the other things in my closet yet...what can I say...I'm addicted ^^

And by the way... if you haven't heard from Glee yet...you should check it out now.... and I mean right now! it is probably the best TV show I've ever seen... sorry True Blood, but you know I love you too <3