Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my Art Journal

I was so thrilled with painting the sandwich paper, that I had to make a whole bunch more ^^. Maybe a tutorial follows, I'm not sure yet, but first you get a glimps of my moleskine art journal:

(I used watersoluble crayons to doodle and covered the whole thing in wood lacquer....bad idea since it smeared -.-)

the writing says: "tired princess"
I wrote with a golden gel pen onto it, maybe you can see it better here
I don't know what I'll do with this yet, but I love the colors =)
I have another, bigger sketchbook, too. I own it since 2004 and only used it for sketching and doodling. But since I don't like most of the stuff I've put in there, I rework it.
(I covered it in gesso, doodled in it, while the gesso was still wet and then, after it had dried I colored it with watercolors and my watersoluble crayons)
that is an old sketch. First I covered it with art masking fluid (got the idea from "itsaworkofart" on youtube) and then I brushed over it with watercolor. When I rubbed the fluid of, pretty much the whole sketch went with it... -.-
It looks much gostier now, don't you think?
the only thing original here are the horses, I sketched them in 2004 I guess. To rework it, I covered both pages in gesso, applied watercolor and stamped bubble wrap (in a heart shape and as a square) over the left side. I drew the outlines of the horses with watercolor, too and took some plastic wrapping to create the pattern beneath them (for me, it looks like water ^^)
here, I used pretty much the same procedure as above. I sprayed some more water onto it, after I had apllied watercolor, so it would run together and instead of outlining the girls with watercolor, too, I used a grey copic marker. This sketch is also from 2004.
That is the inside of my sketchbook. I glued some pages down I ripped from a short story, covered it in gesso, colored it with watercolor, covered it in gesso again and than took a rubber band, cut in in half and had then a string I could put in ink or watercolor and played around a bit =)

That's what I've been up too the past days and weeks.
It is so much fun to work with color!
I've already infected my family and friends and have serveral dates to paint with them individually <3

Lady Gaga

Thanks for the comment 準備吹發, through google translater I'm almost sure what it means ^^.
Sorry, I don't speak chinese. I'm comfortable with english and german and that's pretty much it.

The prompt for today was "listen to music".
so I put on some Lady Gaga and went berserk with my materials ^^

I recently bought some sandwich paper, you know, the thin, transparend stuff and tried first to spray it with some watercolor and water:

but it wasn't as effectful as I hoped, so I got my credit card out again and some acrylic paint (gold and silver, yummy ^^).
I finished the paper off with some splashes from a toothbrush and thinned acrylic paint

It will work as a transparent layer in my art journal later, to conceal or to protect something from smearing =)
It was so much fun! but unfortunately my credit card broke -.- I hope I have another old one somewhere.

pictures from my art journal follow soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First sight

I've made my first journal page with the March challenge in mind. I combined several prompts, which are credit cards, blue, collage and Kurt Cobain's quotation "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."

First I collaged the right side with pages of an old book and then I scraped some paint on my pages (with help of an old credit card)
If you haven't tried this yet, do! it is so much fun. 

I added a heart with my bubble wrap and gold and silver acrylic on the left and some random doodles with my brush on the right side.

I glued a pin up girl and little stars onto it to represent our longing for an ideal body.

And then I sewed a little pocket for another girl with Kurt's quotation at the bottom.(I don't recommend sewing with a sewing machine in a moleskine book, it is nearly impossible -.-)
At last I wrote on the left side what I thin I am.
I#m pretty satisfied with how it came out, I love the idea of little pockets and hidden secrets ;-)
xoxo Julia

Art Journaling

Just a quick post today.
I've joined this great march challenge on Art Journaling and must say, I was inspired right away. I'll probably make every prompt posted yet in one or two days to catch up ^^.
I'm new to this whole idea of Art Journaling and have no problem getting started yet (I spend hours with my paints and brushes every day) but it is great fun to see other people take the same prompt and making something totally different and individual, yet the same!
I really have to take some pictures to show you guys!
What do you think of Art Journaling anyway. Did you have any idea that something like this existed? Well, I didn't =). Do you like to swing your brushes and spill your paint as much as I do? When did you doodle the last time?
xoxo Julia

Monday, March 1, 2010

watching super natural distracts me when blogging o.Ô

I experimented with my camera the other day and made my first youtube video ^^

and I also started to using my sewing machine again =)
next to my paints and stamps and art journaling and and and...
I have so many ideas, it is like I had never the chance to be creative so I have to make and try everything that strikes my mind at once.
I also went thrift shopping the other day and found loads of stuff! (the light wouldn't play along, I hope you can see it anyway)
I'm not exactly sure yet how I will change the cloth but as soon as I have time I'll get to it.