Thursday, September 23, 2010

(birthday) wishlist

So I'm nowadays constantly broke -.- but have a huge wishlist in my head: You find on it things I desperatly need or just things that are pretty and make me happy.
With the help of my beloved brother I dived into image processing the other night and made a collage ^^

  1. this or similar (the second is my priority, cause it is especially for dawanda)
  2. just lovely
  3. forgot to save the real is the cheap alternative
  4. I'm so going to make this for halloween (with a lot of changes...but I still need 5m of black jersey ...did I mention I'm broke?)
  5. nail stamping set from Konad via ebay
  6. fascinator
  7. reclam Schauspielführer (new edition comes out in october)
  8. love american apparel <3  ...and being "inspired" by there designs
  9. I so desperatedly need labels for my new dawanda shop (pst... still not official)
  10. more undies, cause I lovem (and most of all, love to make them myself ^^, so I need money for cute fabric, ribbons, lace, elastic ... you get my point)
  11. docking station and speaker for my Ipod
  12. threadless <3<3<3 (I have at least 13 designs on my wishlist, but this one is the best ^^) the size is unimportant, cause I can sew ....duuh ^^
  13. knee-high stockings =D (I'm going to make these, too) yeah
gosh, that makes so much fun ^^ (it is even my wallpaper on my desktop... am I crazy?)
love y'all