Friday, January 15, 2010


It's in the middle of the night, but since I can't sleep, I could as well upload the remaining pictures.
You guessed right, I've found the wire for my camera this afternoon ^^, hurray! so I updated the former post and tell you now what's going on in my trivial life.

My situation is the following: I graduated in spring/summer 2009 and live in Berlin ever since. The whole summer and autumn were generously spent at my sewing machine or outside, enjoying the sun. I also premiered with my theater group in our first play in the new location and we are now preparing the second one. Since october I started to write applecations for drama and design school. And the whole december was spent in christmas presents making and meeting friends. I also started to go to the gym and getting singing lessons in order to prepare for the drama school auditons (the first one is at january the 28th).
Last week I got the letter from design and I have to deliver my portfolio until february the 8th... And until now I have only ideas and nothing finished for my portfolio o.Ô
With drama school it is a bit better, I have to present two monologs, one poem and one song to get to the next round and I already know what poem, song and monologs I will present. I just haven't learned them yet ^^

It seems I need pressure to work right ;-)
wish me luck, I will need it

Sunday, January 3, 2010

merry christmas and a happy new year

I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays!
My whole family gathered and we had a nerve-wracking, but nevertheless lovely time, sitting all together, eating for the most part (^^) ...AND opening presents of course ;-)
As promised, I now post all the christmas presents I kept secret and which costed me most of december, to make.

First, I stencilled a shirt for my cousin who studies in Vienna. When he was little, he used to like the A-Team, so I made the stencil from a googled picture of Mr. T

(I used cardboard from a cereal box, thats why the edges are kind of messy -.-)

here a close up from the slogan <<< see, the "M" from "MESS" is all messy....haha bad pun -.-
sorry for the hairs, but my cat decided to sleep on it... ugh

and at last my cousin, proudly presenting it (with the christmas tree in the background ^^)
He obviously liked it, cause he wore the shirt the next evening when we went to a party =)
(<<< better last name begins with a "T"...good huh? XD )

His sister got a selfmade apron from me. From choosing the fabric, over making the pattern till sewing it, all of it was DIY originally from me =)

unfortunately I don't have a pic with her wearing it, so my dress form must sufice:

she also got some muffin forms and a tool to stirr and spread cupcake topping (don't know the name ;-P)

My friends got each a selfmade hat, crocheted of course =)
Those gave me the most trouble. I had to undo them several times, cause the directions from threadbanger wouldn't fit the quality of the yarn -.-

each one got a different color of course, suiting there usual clothing or favorite color.

and because my friend Paula (left) had birthday at New Year's Eve, I bought this little brooch to prettify her hat

unfortunately the colors in the picture are all wrong, but you get the idea =)

My brother got also an apron from me, but not entirely selfmade. I only added a nice little detail to it.
Cause my brother likes the idea of having a rat sitting on his shoulder (dunno where he got that from -.-) and also likes the movie "Ratatouille" I decided to get him a lttle helper for the kitchen.

no...not a "real" helper...

...just a soft toy -.-
seriously, what do you think of me?
a rat in the kitchen? ...ugh

but the rat isn't selfmade either.
I made the little hat it is wearing ^^
awful lot of work that little thingy -.-

through a button + whole <<< I attached/ made
it is secured at the shoulder strip of the apron

please excuse the messy was really late when I finished...

That was it for christmas presents. But for a little game we played I last-minute-diy-ed again, namely a mourning veil. We played murder mystery dinner (great play, love it ^^) and the widow needed something to indicate her as such.

 sorry for the blurry pic, my camera just wasn't able to focus this time...

I took an alice band (brit.), or headband as you may know it. It was plastic and covered in fabric. I hotglued different pieces of tulle onto it and covered the mess which I produced in ribbon with lace and pearls (a leftover from my the black prom dress). I also added some black rhinestones to the veil. I like the outcome and hope we can use it again =)

that's my cousin who got the flower apron. She was really pulling off the widow... ^^

That's it for tonight.
I hope I find the wire soon to show the hat pictures.
sleep well,

P.S. my project Wardrobe Refashion will of course carry on, as soon I have had time to relax =)