Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi there,

SoI dived right into college and kind of drowned in it, to much work, to many new people, to many courses, to many copy crads, books and stuff to organize etc...

so, I already ditched my second subject (I started studying theater and egypt studies) so egypt studies went done...hieroglyphs are fascinating and all, but it's just not my kind of stuff...
you should read the "red pyramid" (from the author of percy jackson)  though, its fun ^^

though i'm still enrolled in theaterstudies I haven't been going to my courses recently, cause I got an internship at the "Deutsches Theater" in berlin, where I am responsible for costume and stage design, yeah =D

so thats that and, hey I discovered some real nice art journaling/ mixed media thingies in the past few days:

you should totally check that out:

it's a free e-course about exploring your creativity hosted by Andrea. She has really great ideas and works with meditation to!

also some cool videos I found, via iHanna, are from dirty footprints studio:
you totally want to get your brush and colors out when you watch her work, ahhh...bliss

and I don't know if I ever came around to showing you this video from tracy bautista:

I think the idea is really great and I've already made two little journals with this method. I changed the binding though. i took the books to my sewing machine and ran a straight stitch down the masking tape and it worked fine for me =)

and yeah, it is snowing like, well not hell, but you get my point, in the last few days...I can't believe that a few weeks ago it looked like this:

until next time

Friday, October 1, 2010

So, I'm going to study...errr right o.O

I applied for theater studies and... got in...  weird huh?
So I'm going to start next week. First some introductory course, then I hopefully get my schedule some day and mid october I'm officially a student again weird.

I haven't really sewn in a while and think this:

is the right idea to reduce my fabric stash (which expands over three huge plastic boxes from ikea now)
evidence picture with cute kitty:
 and another one, cause she is sooo adorable :-*
 Soooo cute< <3<3<3 !

enough... of  de cute kitty
so yeah, I'm trying to participate in the named game and have at least two items to create. First "my awesome halloween outfit" and second, a really great tuxedo shirt, both inspired by the awesome couple of Lipgloss & Black . Gosh, you have to love these two <3


Thursday, September 23, 2010

(birthday) wishlist

So I'm nowadays constantly broke -.- but have a huge wishlist in my head: You find on it things I desperatly need or just things that are pretty and make me happy.
With the help of my beloved brother I dived into image processing the other night and made a collage ^^

  1. this or similar (the second is my priority, cause it is especially for dawanda)
  2. just lovely
  3. forgot to save the real is the cheap alternative
  4. I'm so going to make this for halloween (with a lot of changes...but I still need 5m of black jersey ...did I mention I'm broke?)
  5. nail stamping set from Konad via ebay
  6. fascinator
  7. reclam Schauspielführer (new edition comes out in october)
  8. love american apparel <3  ...and being "inspired" by there designs
  9. I so desperatedly need labels for my new dawanda shop (pst... still not official)
  10. more undies, cause I lovem (and most of all, love to make them myself ^^, so I need money for cute fabric, ribbons, lace, elastic ... you get my point)
  11. docking station and speaker for my Ipod
  12. threadless <3<3<3 (I have at least 13 designs on my wishlist, but this one is the best ^^) the size is unimportant, cause I can sew ....duuh ^^
  13. knee-high stockings =D (I'm going to make these, too) yeah
gosh, that makes so much fun ^^ (it is even my wallpaper on my desktop... am I crazy?)
love y'all


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

creativity Bootcamp

boot camp
This really sounds great and I'm going to participate
I can't wait actually ^^

And than some Blogs that really get my imagination running wild
When you read to much at once, an inspiration overload may happen (at least that's what happened to me last night o.Ô)

My newly found mentor/muse/blog I can't live without anymore


and this woman is also fantastic: alisaburke

my recent activities were shredding shirts, reading the mortal instruments for the second time and watching death note

My next projects will certainly include some epaulettes and I'm going to show you my new findings, cause I was again thrift shopping...even if I haven't refashioned all the other things in my closet yet...what can I say...I'm addicted ^^

And by the way... if you haven't heard from Glee should check it out now.... and I mean right now! it is probably the best TV show I've ever seen... sorry True Blood, but you know I love you too <3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So today I happened to come across a new blog called outsapop.
just after reading a couple of posts, I had already a huge to do list created in my mind... this blog is so dang inspiring!

especially this post got my attention

I think this trend is kind of old and lots of you guys may already know about it, but I didn't. In fact I read about it today for the first time
so I researched how to shredd shirts and stuff and came upon this lovely video:

this is exactly how a tutorial should be like (for easy projects) no babbling or silly music, just quick and easy steps to follow.

So after this, I grabbed a shirt and started pulling the threads...and didn't stop for several hours.
Sitting 7 hours straight isn't good for your body... -.-
but I finally finished it and even though I ripped a hole in it on one side, I still like it a lot ^^
Best thing ever?
It looks awesome with my new thrifted blazer =D


Friday, April 23, 2010

long time no

Oh well, my last skirt was done so fast, that I did another upcycle project today.
The colors are all wrong, but whatever -.-
I hardly ever wear pink or anything near it, so it is a nice change to have a little purple pink skirt that doesn't look that bad. feels girly ^^

This is the original skirt

It was a lot of fabric, even if it doesn't look like it.
Fortunately I could reuse the zipper 

and, though I liked it with only a belt,
I liked it even better with buttons

  For a better picture, original version and the upcycled one next to eachother

ReSales and other thrift shopping

I haven't updated in a while.
I wasn't really busy, more like I had nothing to write about, ya know?

On wednesday I was thrift shopping at ReSales and found some awesome stuff for about 10€!
those two nighties for example (2€ each)

 I probably make some cute summer skirts off them

And then I found some new shirts

I just love the colors of this one!

I have some really good ideas how to upcycle these ^^

and since I was just recently at a second hand shop but hadn't gotten around to making anything out of it yet, I decided to recycle one of those items first, before altering the new clothes.
So here you go:

my new skirt ^^

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my Art Journal

I was so thrilled with painting the sandwich paper, that I had to make a whole bunch more ^^. Maybe a tutorial follows, I'm not sure yet, but first you get a glimps of my moleskine art journal:

(I used watersoluble crayons to doodle and covered the whole thing in wood lacquer....bad idea since it smeared -.-)

the writing says: "tired princess"
I wrote with a golden gel pen onto it, maybe you can see it better here
I don't know what I'll do with this yet, but I love the colors =)
I have another, bigger sketchbook, too. I own it since 2004 and only used it for sketching and doodling. But since I don't like most of the stuff I've put in there, I rework it.
(I covered it in gesso, doodled in it, while the gesso was still wet and then, after it had dried I colored it with watercolors and my watersoluble crayons)
that is an old sketch. First I covered it with art masking fluid (got the idea from "itsaworkofart" on youtube) and then I brushed over it with watercolor. When I rubbed the fluid of, pretty much the whole sketch went with it... -.-
It looks much gostier now, don't you think?
the only thing original here are the horses, I sketched them in 2004 I guess. To rework it, I covered both pages in gesso, applied watercolor and stamped bubble wrap (in a heart shape and as a square) over the left side. I drew the outlines of the horses with watercolor, too and took some plastic wrapping to create the pattern beneath them (for me, it looks like water ^^)
here, I used pretty much the same procedure as above. I sprayed some more water onto it, after I had apllied watercolor, so it would run together and instead of outlining the girls with watercolor, too, I used a grey copic marker. This sketch is also from 2004.
That is the inside of my sketchbook. I glued some pages down I ripped from a short story, covered it in gesso, colored it with watercolor, covered it in gesso again and than took a rubber band, cut in in half and had then a string I could put in ink or watercolor and played around a bit =)

That's what I've been up too the past days and weeks.
It is so much fun to work with color!
I've already infected my family and friends and have serveral dates to paint with them individually <3

Lady Gaga

Thanks for the comment 準備吹發, through google translater I'm almost sure what it means ^^.
Sorry, I don't speak chinese. I'm comfortable with english and german and that's pretty much it.

The prompt for today was "listen to music".
so I put on some Lady Gaga and went berserk with my materials ^^

I recently bought some sandwich paper, you know, the thin, transparend stuff and tried first to spray it with some watercolor and water:

but it wasn't as effectful as I hoped, so I got my credit card out again and some acrylic paint (gold and silver, yummy ^^).
I finished the paper off with some splashes from a toothbrush and thinned acrylic paint

It will work as a transparent layer in my art journal later, to conceal or to protect something from smearing =)
It was so much fun! but unfortunately my credit card broke -.- I hope I have another old one somewhere.

pictures from my art journal follow soon!