Friday, April 15, 2011

garmz and evoque fashion award

I participated in the evoque fashion award and submitted a design. If I win, it will be produced and I get to spend a week in London, how cool is that, huh?

Voting starts today and it would be great if you could take five minutes (login is via facebook I guess, I know the guys who made the website, they're cool, so no worries) and vote for my design. If you like it that is ;-)

here is the link:
my design

thanks so much

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bamboo (is) Fun!

so dear girls and boys, Julia has a new wacom!!!
the Bamboo fun touch and pen, yeah!
My old graphire 4 didn't work well for a loooong time now and it wasn't fun to draw on it -.-
So I just wanted to look at all the nice tabletts that were out there (looove the cintiq <3) but wasn't going to buy anything new, or so I thought...
But wacom offered a "used" bamboo small for about half the prize (used like, for exhibitions and presentation purposes) and I just had to buy it! Half the prize!!!
yeah I know... I get easily intrigued by shiny objects -.-

Oh well ^^
So it arrived yesterday (I was waiting in Scott Pilgrim fashion since monday 12 am when I ordered it XD)
and I started drawing immediatly!
it isn't incredible great art, that should hang in the louvre, what I am showing you right now. just what I did the last 24 hours with my new pen tablett:

first crappy 2 minute sketch

my my that one is ugly -.-

a one hour sketch (without any reference so you'll see no similarity to the actor) from I am number four

I should have paid more attention to his hairdo... but his hands were so shiny ^^

and the last sketch (with reference picture this time) of alex pettyfer (I am number four, beastly)

this is the picture i used (thanks to google picture search ;-) )
that's it for now, but I'm sure I'm going to to draw a lot more digital now
and drool about some popular hunks *^.^*
he's hot, right?