Friday, October 1, 2010

So, I'm going to study...errr right o.O

I applied for theater studies and... got in...  weird huh?
So I'm going to start next week. First some introductory course, then I hopefully get my schedule some day and mid october I'm officially a student again weird.

I haven't really sewn in a while and think this:

is the right idea to reduce my fabric stash (which expands over three huge plastic boxes from ikea now)
evidence picture with cute kitty:
 and another one, cause she is sooo adorable :-*
 Soooo cute< <3<3<3 !

enough... of  de cute kitty
so yeah, I'm trying to participate in the named game and have at least two items to create. First "my awesome halloween outfit" and second, a really great tuxedo shirt, both inspired by the awesome couple of Lipgloss & Black . Gosh, you have to love these two <3