Sunday, February 13, 2011

painting instead of sewing

I wanted to sew today the minute I was awake (but still in bed...daydreaming is so much fun ^^)
buuuut somehow, I never came around to do it...I cleaned up my room, put some felt under my heels, so they wouldn't go all "click click click" when I'm walking.
I don't know about you guys, but I hate it to walk home alone at night with clicking heels. Feels like "I am a victim! Over here, come and get me"...meh maybe I am just paranoid but, hey, I now have felt under my heels and feel a tiny bit safer when I'm walking home alone ^^
Then I made some lunch, cleande up my room a bit more, skyped with my cousin and surfed the net, where I finally got inspired!
but not inspired to sew, but inspired to PAINT!
this blogpost by the ingenious iHanna got me going. She wrote about working with oil pastelle crayons and experimenting with color, and I loved it!
I have three packages oil pastell crayons (for whatever reason) and never used them, cause I didn't like their waxy quality, it was always messy and not in a good way -.-
but she smudged her crayons with her fingers and it looks great, don't you think?

sooo, originally I had planned to finally get down to sewing after cleaning up, buuut fate intervened or whatever instead, I got my crayons and went crazy

 I mixed it up a little with watercolors and watersoluble crayons

in the end I even used my 3D paint =D

And don't think I stopped there!
I put all the crayons away and my acrylic colors smiled at me, invinting me to play... why not I thought and went to work

 yummy color scraping

 those are some big (DIN A2) papers
 and cause I didn't get enough, I even did  collage in my watercolor sketchbook

 with the juiciest of all collage materials: hand dyed (with colored ink) paper towles

the light was crappy as always when taking pictures, cause I love to work late at night and I'm almost never able to wait till the next day to snap some photos :/

Hope you enjoyed it.
I certainly did ^^


Friday, February 11, 2011


Good news folks:
 I'm sewing again =D

Recently I made two dresses and a skirt for my mum, but I didn't sew anything for me in, what feels like forever...

We're having a big family party in march and I'm thinking about what to wear for a few weeks now ^^
I decided to sew three dresses, so I can change my mind last minute, depending on the mood I'm in.

One dark, sexy version based on the sequin shoulder dress by Lipgloss and Black and in addition to that the tiered tutu
(the dress is hugely inspired by theire new lookbook, go check it out, it's amazing!)
the sketch doesn't look that impressive I'll admit, but wait till you see the photos I've taken =)

Another one is more American Apparel style like, I take their simple design

but use stunning fabric (honestly I loooove the fabric, it's my favorite at the moment, the colors, it has a great touch, the pattern, just lovely)

and the last design is not finished yet...

it will look something like this, but I'm not sure. the design will most certainly change, before I sew it. I don't even know which fabric I'll use and whether I can keep my promise not to buy anything new and reduce my stash :/

And I'm sorry for my scrappy drawings XD normally I'll just sketch everything I have in mind and when I like it, I start drawing it more carefully with details and colors, like this
Buuut, I hadn't had time yet and I rather write this blog post and sew instead of studying for my exam next week XD

I started yesterday night with the first dress and I messed up phenomenally (is that a word?)
naw, it wasn't that bad... but I really had problems making the sweetheart neckline. Somehow my thread tension didn't work the way I wanted it to and the silver fabric wasn't very nice either...Did you guys came ever across a tutorial for this kind of neckline? I would love to see it, cause I'm lost -.-

I improvised and gathered the bust with an elastic so it would look like a sweetheart :/ meh

 what do you think about the buttons? on or off?
 see how it puckers? stupid thread tension...
 I had to sew on top of the neckline to hide the seam allowance...stupid shiny sheer fabric XD
 I love the quality of the sheer fabric, it looks like water when you move....does that make any sense?

And since I don't normally wear this fitted dresses, I'll make a matching tutu in black and white like the one from L&B. And I guess the weather won't be too nice in march so I'll probably make a black long sleeved shirt to wear underneath.

I'll keep you posted ;-)