Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi there,

SoI dived right into college and kind of drowned in it, to much work, to many new people, to many courses, to many copy crads, books and stuff to organize etc...

so, I already ditched my second subject (I started studying theater and egypt studies) so egypt studies went done...hieroglyphs are fascinating and all, but it's just not my kind of stuff...
you should read the "red pyramid" (from the author of percy jackson)  though, its fun ^^

though i'm still enrolled in theaterstudies I haven't been going to my courses recently, cause I got an internship at the "Deutsches Theater" in berlin, where I am responsible for costume and stage design, yeah =D

so thats that and, hey I discovered some real nice art journaling/ mixed media thingies in the past few days:

you should totally check that out:

it's a free e-course about exploring your creativity hosted by Andrea. She has really great ideas and works with meditation to!

also some cool videos I found, via iHanna, are from dirty footprints studio:
you totally want to get your brush and colors out when you watch her work, ahhh...bliss

and I don't know if I ever came around to showing you this video from tracy bautista:

I think the idea is really great and I've already made two little journals with this method. I changed the binding though. i took the books to my sewing machine and ran a straight stitch down the masking tape and it worked fine for me =)

and yeah, it is snowing like, well not hell, but you get my point, in the last few days...I can't believe that a few weeks ago it looked like this:

until next time