Sunday, September 27, 2009

how to (pronounce) crochet

Due to my huge amount of free time (I graduated this summer and took a year off, before studying), I've learned how to crochet!
I was searching for a special hat, the slouchy sort, and couldn't find it in the shops for some time now. I've bought one last year, I loved it, but unfortunately, I lost it -.-
So you can imagine the joy I felt, when I've stumbled upon this little episode of threadbanger.
Here is the earlier episode, where they teach you how to crochet.
Well, I must admit, that without the help of my dear mother, I would have been lost entirely...
But with her help and the play and pause button I finally made it ^^.
It took me only 2 days o.Ô and I never crocheted before!
I promise, pictures will follow as soon as possible, but at the moment my hair looks awful and the light isn't right to take photos.
So be patient ;-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

just a quick good night post

For I am bushed, this is just a small post. I am almost to tired to lift a finger -.-
My exaustion is the result of a half day fabric huntig (the dutch farbic market pitched its tents in Potsdam again) and my first dance training that followed in the evening. Not to forget the one and a half hour it took me to get from Potsdam to Treptower Park (plain spoken, across Berlin), thanks to the not existing S-Bahn transit in most parts of the city -.-
The dancing was great fun, even if I could'nt keep up with the choreographer and my body will ache tomorrow for sure.
I'm most exited to learn Micheal Jackson's "Thriller", yeihh!
And with this thought in mind I will go to bed =)
sleep tight,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Englsih english everywhere

Well, since most of my favourite websites are in english, I might as well start blogging in this beautiful language ^^

I now apologize for the first and last time if there are any mistakes in spelling, grammar or whatever might get wrong. I'm only human and english is not my mother tongue, so cope with it ;-P

But this post is not only about changing the language on this blog, but also showing you guys my newest discoveries.

One thing I've stumbled upon is this lovely list of 100 Ideas to Spark you into Creative Action  
I felt deeply inspired by some points on the list, e.g. I started making little stickers (number 31)    
Other sites I've been gratefull to have discovered are Cut out + keep, Threadbanger (gosh, I love those guys) and of course Burdastyle (Maryy is such an inspiration to many users there). Some Sites I've discovered more recently then others,  but they were all very usefull to me, or I wouldn't bother you with them ;-)

While browsing the internet, I also felt the urge to start knitting. Yes knitting ^^

My gran tried to teach me ones, but I never got quite the hang of it... So here I go, needles ready to knit, with some help of youtube and my mom. Hopefully I will have finished my first project (a slouchy hat) till xmas along with two other hats I've decided to give to my friends as xmas present...ambitious aye?

Of course I still sew a lot, actually that reminds me of the next date for the dutch fabric market (previous known as "Stoffmarkt Holland") which is next week ^^
I've already wrote a list what I will buy this time, it is quite long... what a surprise o.Ô

Enough of the talk. I want to draw some more stickers =)