Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my Art Journal

I was so thrilled with painting the sandwich paper, that I had to make a whole bunch more ^^. Maybe a tutorial follows, I'm not sure yet, but first you get a glimps of my moleskine art journal:

(I used watersoluble crayons to doodle and covered the whole thing in wood lacquer....bad idea since it smeared -.-)

the writing says: "tired princess"
I wrote with a golden gel pen onto it, maybe you can see it better here
I don't know what I'll do with this yet, but I love the colors =)
I have another, bigger sketchbook, too. I own it since 2004 and only used it for sketching and doodling. But since I don't like most of the stuff I've put in there, I rework it.
(I covered it in gesso, doodled in it, while the gesso was still wet and then, after it had dried I colored it with watercolors and my watersoluble crayons)
that is an old sketch. First I covered it with art masking fluid (got the idea from "itsaworkofart" on youtube) and then I brushed over it with watercolor. When I rubbed the fluid of, pretty much the whole sketch went with it... -.-
It looks much gostier now, don't you think?
the only thing original here are the horses, I sketched them in 2004 I guess. To rework it, I covered both pages in gesso, applied watercolor and stamped bubble wrap (in a heart shape and as a square) over the left side. I drew the outlines of the horses with watercolor, too and took some plastic wrapping to create the pattern beneath them (for me, it looks like water ^^)
here, I used pretty much the same procedure as above. I sprayed some more water onto it, after I had apllied watercolor, so it would run together and instead of outlining the girls with watercolor, too, I used a grey copic marker. This sketch is also from 2004.
That is the inside of my sketchbook. I glued some pages down I ripped from a short story, covered it in gesso, colored it with watercolor, covered it in gesso again and than took a rubber band, cut in in half and had then a string I could put in ink or watercolor and played around a bit =)

That's what I've been up too the past days and weeks.
It is so much fun to work with color!
I've already infected my family and friends and have serveral dates to paint with them individually <3


  1. 快樂與滿足的秘訣,就在全心全意投注於現在的每一分,每一秒上..................................................

  2. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them. ....................................................


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