Friday, September 18, 2009

just a quick good night post

For I am bushed, this is just a small post. I am almost to tired to lift a finger -.-
My exaustion is the result of a half day fabric huntig (the dutch farbic market pitched its tents in Potsdam again) and my first dance training that followed in the evening. Not to forget the one and a half hour it took me to get from Potsdam to Treptower Park (plain spoken, across Berlin), thanks to the not existing S-Bahn transit in most parts of the city -.-
The dancing was great fun, even if I could'nt keep up with the choreographer and my body will ache tomorrow for sure.
I'm most exited to learn Micheal Jackson's "Thriller", yeihh!
And with this thought in mind I will go to bed =)
sleep tight,

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