Sunday, September 27, 2009

how to (pronounce) crochet

Due to my huge amount of free time (I graduated this summer and took a year off, before studying), I've learned how to crochet!
I was searching for a special hat, the slouchy sort, and couldn't find it in the shops for some time now. I've bought one last year, I loved it, but unfortunately, I lost it -.-
So you can imagine the joy I felt, when I've stumbled upon this little episode of threadbanger.
Here is the earlier episode, where they teach you how to crochet.
Well, I must admit, that without the help of my dear mother, I would have been lost entirely...
But with her help and the play and pause button I finally made it ^^.
It took me only 2 days o.Ô and I never crocheted before!
I promise, pictures will follow as soon as possible, but at the moment my hair looks awful and the light isn't right to take photos.
So be patient ;-)

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