Tuesday, December 1, 2009

next project...or is it one?

Well, I decided which item of clothing I'll upcycle next, and this is it.

It's a shirt my friend Paula gave me once in a swap with the color violet as the theme. She handstitched those tiny little hearts on and I love it,

but it is a bit too short.
So I was thinking, why not add two layers of ruffles at the bottom and make it a dress. But then it might be too heavy and the shirt looses its shape... so maybe I just make a skirt? or two ^^
I'm not decided yet on this issue as well as on another, which is which fabric I'll use.
See? I think both look great and both would make wonderfull skirts...but o well, I've untill the end of the week to decide and make this, so I'll just ponder upon this a bit ^^

Btw, the kind of skirt I have in mind is best described here . But with only two ruffles and a bit shorter.

Again a tutorial by Max California (who I stalk just a tiny bit, cause she has so much amazing things on her blog...<- new hero

So what do you think...any ideas?


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