Monday, November 23, 2009

Oops!... I did it again XD

Yeah, I know, I know
I wanted to refashion one item of my wardrobe per week...
But after I posted my first attempt, I couldn't stop thinking about the new design for my polkadot dress.
So I sifted through my pattern magazines (Burda) in need of an easy pattern/explanation for a sweetheart neckline, and then it hit me...
The easiest way was of course maryy's tutorial for her hot hot heat dress !
I had to try this immediatly...

(The dress is turned inside out in this picture)

When I gathered the bust part, I was thinking about the straps... I sewed them to the bodice

and took the sides of my dress in, cause it was a little loose.

At the end, I even did the rolled hem (I shortened the dress about 20cm)
...aaaand I was finished o.Ô

took me less than 2 hours, yayh ^^
and I could even bring my brother to show me how to put 2 pictures in one (as seen above)
For a better visualization of the before and after:

maybe I'll dye something next time,
dunno yet.
see ya =)


  1. wow, very cute. Makes me want to sew, sadly my attempts at sewing clothing doesn not end well. I can sew a mean fabric flower or tote bag

  2. Thanks =)
    If you're interested in learning how to sew, you should check out . It's really easy to understand and they do cute little projects. I've learned a lot =)
    my favorite episode is probably from Valentines Day 2009

  3. I just clicked on your link from Burda. What a great project. I LOVE your dress!


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