Friday, January 15, 2010


It's in the middle of the night, but since I can't sleep, I could as well upload the remaining pictures.
You guessed right, I've found the wire for my camera this afternoon ^^, hurray! so I updated the former post and tell you now what's going on in my trivial life.

My situation is the following: I graduated in spring/summer 2009 and live in Berlin ever since. The whole summer and autumn were generously spent at my sewing machine or outside, enjoying the sun. I also premiered with my theater group in our first play in the new location and we are now preparing the second one. Since october I started to write applecations for drama and design school. And the whole december was spent in christmas presents making and meeting friends. I also started to go to the gym and getting singing lessons in order to prepare for the drama school auditons (the first one is at january the 28th).
Last week I got the letter from design and I have to deliver my portfolio until february the 8th... And until now I have only ideas and nothing finished for my portfolio o.Ô
With drama school it is a bit better, I have to present two monologs, one poem and one song to get to the next round and I already know what poem, song and monologs I will present. I just haven't learned them yet ^^

It seems I need pressure to work right ;-)
wish me luck, I will need it


  1. 人生中最重要的是要自尊、自愛、自立、自強、自信。 ....................................................

  2. sorry, but I can't read/ speak chinese (if it is chinese). I tried to translate it here: and have an idea what it could mean, but couldn't you write it in english?
    sorry, but so far I can only speak german, english and very little french... -.-


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