Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oh, well...

I went to my audition on thursday and it was all highly exciting and everything, great people, lots of talent and of course lots of stage fright ;-)
anyhow, as so often in this business, in the end, I and many others weren't picked for the next term...
But to look at it from a positive angle, the two examiners were very friendly and gave everyone a personal interview in which they explained their decision. I was surprisingly motivated afterwards, even if I got a rejection =)
So for now I've kinda locked myself in my room, drawing and endlessly drawing to finish (or at least start ;-) ) my portfolio for fashion school, where my deadline is next monday (the 8th of february). I'll soon post pictures, but for now I'm just too damned tired. It is quarter past 1 am and I wanna sleep -.-

sleep tight folks
xoxo julia

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