Monday, January 24, 2011


woah...remember this post

It's more than a year ago and so much stuff happened o.Ô
enough happened that I never continued my upcycling after the second piece ^^
Oh well, but the thing is, I still have the problem with my two too full closets! Not to mentioned my growing fabric stash...Oh dear

 Oh how I love that kitty :3

So what to do with two closets and three big and heavy containers full of juicy fabrics?...

Do I really have to ask ;-)

I am going to do fantastic things of course!

but other, than last year I won't make any promise or set myself a time limit to how often I do these reconstructions! It didn't work well last time, so I won't try it again.

I did a couple of things I somehow never got around to post, but hopefully that will change soon! The weather will be nice (can't wait for spring and the first sunbeams!!!) and than I will probably be more motivated to take some pictures.

Oh and I get a (real!) dress form!!! where I can change the sizes and everything =D
It will arrive mid february I guess, but I can't stop anticipating the mail man everytime the dorrbell rings XD

Soooo, maybe you'll here soon from me, but first I have to finish a dress I started to make my mum ;-)


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