Thursday, January 13, 2011

long overdue hairpost

Maybe it's because of the season or the bad weather, but I see those hairtimelines spring up all over Blogworld...

Originally I only wanted to comment on L&B recent Blogpost. Where Syl is unhappy with her recent hair style, but now see what happened o.Ô

here you go, my very own hair timeline

At the moment, I think my hair looks really bad, I got a hair cut at the weekend and the fringe/ bangs got cut way to short... I think I look a bit like a friar (first picture when you google it XD )

but what are wigs, hair accessories and hats for... eh?

edit: it's only a timeline of length considering the last two years, I had lots of different colors and hair styles over the time, but to cut my hair this short (summer 09) was the biggest decision yet ^^

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