Wednesday, November 11, 2009

this years (poor) first attempt at christmas cookies

Hey there,
Since I love cookies and christmas isn't that far away I had my perfect excuse to make some  =)
Dunno what happened but they didn't turned out as I imagined -.-

1) I was too lazy to mix dough, so I bought ready to make cookie dough and put it in the refridgerator...
that was my first uups, cause when I wanted to make the cookies, I had to wait till the dough was warm enough to work with

2) Everything went well then. I used our beautiful newly bought cookie cutters and created cute little stars and hearts.
I put the baking tray into the oven and... forgot it completly.
major uups
twenty minutes later I had some quite dark looking stars and black hearts -.-

3) I wanted to decorate the cookies with frosting, but when I wanted to mix it up with green food coloring I overdid it unintentionally
Well, all good things come in threes...

Did I mention that, when I put icing on the first cookie, it bounced and turned upside down, landing on the fresh iced side? And then, when I put icing on the rest of the cookies, it ran down the sides and looked more like a Halloween decoration than christmas?

Maybe today wasn't my day for this kind of stuff...I should have stayed in bed...or at my computer, where it is save ^^
Normally I'm really good at baking stuff and decorating it tastefully -.-
Well, I'll eat them anyway and I took pictures, so you can see for yourself what a mess I've made today.
Here you go:

that's the one landings on the wrong side... I frosted the backside too, so nobody would notice ^^

I make myself all bad without having even tasted one of them...tststs
I'll grab myself some milk and cookies,
you enjoy your evening =)
cheers <3


  1. naah, they didn't taste good -.-
    but thanks anyway ^^


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