Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Art Journaling

Just a quick post today.
I've joined this great march challenge on Art Journaling and must say, I was inspired right away. I'll probably make every prompt posted yet in one or two days to catch up ^^.
I'm new to this whole idea of Art Journaling and have no problem getting started yet (I spend hours with my paints and brushes every day) but it is great fun to see other people take the same prompt and making something totally different and individual, yet the same!
I really have to take some pictures to show you guys!
What do you think of Art Journaling anyway. Did you have any idea that something like this existed? Well, I didn't =). Do you like to swing your brushes and spill your paint as much as I do? When did you doodle the last time?
xoxo Julia

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