Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First sight

I've made my first journal page with the March challenge in mind. I combined several prompts, which are credit cards, blue, collage and Kurt Cobain's quotation "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."

First I collaged the right side with pages of an old book and then I scraped some paint on my pages (with help of an old credit card)
If you haven't tried this yet, do! it is so much fun. 

I added a heart with my bubble wrap and gold and silver acrylic on the left and some random doodles with my brush on the right side.

I glued a pin up girl and little stars onto it to represent our longing for an ideal body.

And then I sewed a little pocket for another girl with Kurt's quotation at the bottom.(I don't recommend sewing with a sewing machine in a moleskine book, it is nearly impossible -.-)
At last I wrote on the left side what I thin I am.
I#m pretty satisfied with how it came out, I love the idea of little pockets and hidden secrets ;-)
xoxo Julia

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  1. 逛到你的部落格,第一個感覺就很好,希望每次更新都是美好的開始,也祝你天天都都開心喔........................................


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