Monday, November 23, 2009


See? i did it =D
(click for bigger pictures)

I finished at 11.45 pm last night. To insert the pockets was kind of tricky and I had to do a bit handsewing (It's not as need as I would have wished, but who cares ^^). To make the fit perfect, I also made some darts in the back and front.

 Yeah, my first upcycling is done !

lets get right to the next one XD

This dress will be my project for the second week of my refashion madness, it's not the nicest fabric to work with and in the original design, one can detach the straps (they're secured with buttons...ugh)
So I'm thinking a 50's sweetheart neckline and a shorter skirt (probably kneelenght)
The Gilmore Girls are a great inspiration for this one, remember the dance where dean and rory broke up? 

So that's it for today ;-)

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