Saturday, November 21, 2009

work in progress

Unfortunately I'm sick , therefore I can't work as fast as I would wish -.-
ugh, I hate having a cold ...
But don't think I've forgotten about my task for this week. I'm still recycling my Sweeney jacket and hopefully it is finished by tomorrow.

Here some pictures of my progress:

I used my vest to create the kind of shape I wanted,

 marked it and detached the sleeves with my seamripper

Than I changed the design.
Since I hemmed my underbust pinafore dress with my new serger, I kind of liked the finished look of it and decided to use that technique on my jacket with different colored thread. (mainly this gorgeous blue and hot pink)

I already serged the armholes and stripes to attach to the pockets. The pockets on the jacket were fake, so I made some from the scraps (I hate garments without pockets, where are woman supossed to put all their stuff?).

So I only have to insert the pockets, put on the stripes and try it on =)
It will be my seamstress jacket (from barber to seamstress XD) cause of the serger seams.
I really like the brightness of the gaudy (in a good way) seams <3

til then

P.S. the little scissor in the picture is from the V&A museum in London, I can't do anything without it....true love <3


I forgot to show my latest water soluble crayons pictures ^^
here you go

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