Tuesday, February 2, 2010

drawn from drawing

So, as promised I took some pictures.
First, my workspace:

and the great book, I'm drawing all my inspiration from, "The creative license" by Danny Gregory (iHanna recommended his books recently and I had to buy it ^^) 

Through his book, I started journaling and sketching again.

and here are some examples of what I did the last days

this is supposed to be a kind f self portrait, printed on a paste-on label from the mail office ;-) (see the bar code?)

Danny Gregory also says in his books, one should make a series of things, possibly through a viewfinder. So I took an old matchbox and drew parts of my wokspace through it. And then I  thought it would be fun drawing self portraits making a face in this kind of photo box style.

one task from the design school is to imagine a fairy-tale figure visiting berlin in 2010 and designing three outfits for it. I'm still not sure which I'll take. This is a first sketch of Gretel, from "Hänsel und Gretel". I also thought about taking Disneys princess Jasmin from "Aladdin" or a male fairy-tale figure such as Zwerg Nase (if you're not german, you probably don't know that one...a translation of the name would be "the dwarf called nose"< because of his huge beak)

After all this I got bored and listened to my Harry Potter Audiobooks ^^
sitting on my bed, I drew two more pictures, again self portraits but in a different style:

first, a normal version watching me, sketching myself...

and then, much more fantasy like inspired by a great artist, I can't yet link here, because I'm waiting for her permission ;-)
I was thinking of coloring it later, but that will be kind of time consuming I guess...

That's it for now, what do you think? what do you reckon I should draw next? Are there any books that inspire you, you could recommend?

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