Saturday, February 20, 2010

oh my...

creative, creative, creative... this is all I was the last week, and the one before and that one before o.Ô
This all started with my portfolio, but now it is something different, bigger somehow.
I used to draw since I could hold a pencil long enough to make a mark. We all did at that age. Bute I never took the pencil out off my hands. It was natural for me to draw... not to express myself or to record my surroundings, just something I liked to do.
But I think, without noticing, I kind of lost it. I don't know why but it took me much more effort every time to motivate myself to draw. I still drew...occassionally, but never with the same freedom. Maybe I felt caged, because I now wanted to draw to prepare for design school (a goal I set myself quite early). so for years (at least 2 or 3) I didn't drew for myself, but for others.
The closer the date for finishing my portfolio came, the less I wanted to draw. Until only one week was left.
In this one week it all came back.
I did things I had never done before (sewing on paper for example, spraypaint) and it was fun. I saw all the colors again and was enchanted once more.
funny, that the idea of my portfolio led me astray and the actual making of it drove me back and further forward than I would have ever imangined.

After all this melodramatic babble, I'll show you what I found over the last three weeks, that threw my motivation back into gear.

I've read "The creative license" by Danny Gregory, great book, love it and I recommend it for every one. Whether you only drew when you were little or even if you are a accomplished artist as an adult, it is great!

Then I plunged through iHanna's blog. She is such an inspiration, every post is a new world full of fantasy and color! (I bought the book above because of one of her reviews ^^)

through iHanna I found suziblu and her youtube channel. this woman is freakin' crazy and adorable and her little petite dolls are charming. I discovered a whole new world: Mixed Media! and did you ever hear about illustration friday?

again thanks to iHanna, I saw that one could easily sew paper, and found intsructions to do it

creativity unleashed by traci bautista is also worth a look. She is great with colors!

as you might have noticed, I dived into art journaling, scrapbooking and mixed media without even noticing!
and I already posted this, but I have to do it again, it is soooo great! make yourself a cup of tea, go to the john before you click the link, and than....enjoy ^^

what all this inspiraton led to I showed you in my portfolio, but since then, I made some more stuff, I'll show you soon, promise =)


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