Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Portfolio and new ideas

Yayh, I got to my pilates lesson today... haven't been there in ages!
And since I have a little time, I can show you my finished portfolio =).
The design school I was applying to, didn't take me, but there are many many others I haven't tried out yet, so it didn't bother me this much. And I wasn't really suprised since I'm not totally satisfied with how my portfolio turned out. I had to put in some old and blah drawings just because I hadn't enough time, but, oh well...

here you can see it: my Flickr account

And since I was so creative the whole last week, it seems I can't bring my head to shut up shouting new ideas at me o.Ô

This for example came to me last night:

I decided to make my own stamps and bought some material like lino(? not sure it is the same in english... Linolschnitt is a method to cut a rubber-like surface (the brown stuff on the picture) to carve in your design and paste it on paper in putting it through a roller) and a magnet board you can cut with scissors (see the black stripe).

With the tools and cutters coming with the lino, I carved out my design, glued a magnet piece to the back and one to an old log of wood I used to play with, when I was little.
this way, I can make as many stamps as I like and mount and anmount them from my log as I use them

I also considered using velcro for this, but decided against, cause I want to be able to throw my used stamps in the water, when finished, and I'm not sure the velcro would like this very much...

I thought that was a pretty cool idea and wanted to share it with you =)
So, what do you think? 
I, for my part, am going to make a whole set of letter stamps. The alphabet stamps you can buy in the shops are pricy and not the font I fancy, sooo... ^^
And there is something I wanted to share with you, too. I found those cool videos the other day and I'm not finished yet watching them.
I think suziblu is super cool and love her style <3


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